Photo of an Embryo

by Segel

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released April 15, 2015

All written, recorded and produced by Jonny Gleadell.
Album artwork credit to Rhiannon Fieldson.

Thanks to: Zarif for being the main dude in all realms and for helping get the projects to the people. Jordie for his support and making great tunes in Darjeeling that I wish were mine. Matt for all guitar-related advice. Snævar and Mac for the endless support. Seth for letting me borrow his bass. Alexis for absolutely nothing. Rhiannon for the artwork photography and for making every word and note of this possible. + anyone who's ever downloaded any of my solo Jonny Gleadell stuff or supported me in any way, it means a lot.



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Segel Leeds, UK

atmospheric & twinkly math-poppy alternative ballads

from Leeds, UK

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Track Name: Embryo
Once in a meadow we slept on a dawn-feathered pillow. Light crept across us and my bones did shake. 'Kiss me young fellow' is all her eyes said. It's not like we're meant to have existed. It's not like we intended. It's not like we're best placed to fix this.
Track Name: No-one's Leaving Anybody Forever
Like wilting rows of trees to the edges of hedgerows, your hair flows and drapes over collar bones. In every hope, we won't need photos to help us both cope. No-one's leaving anyone forever. You've been so unattainable. You feel so intangible. I've been so fucking miserable. We've been so close to letting go. I can't promise I'll be fine but you must let me do all that I can for you. Pretend I'm anything but broken. Washing...I will wash your hair on which fated lamplight flares. No clear end: love the only promise.
Track Name: Womb Adobe
You call to me through trembling air. You're so far away; if you were standing there, straight ahead, I could not see through the haze and the heat. Let's not cry for distance, we've so many years to mess this up. And feel listless cause we're too close. Let's defy odds, and ourselves, most. No disconnection could alter threats of matrimony and mortgage debt. Life just gets hard sometimes; I know we'll get through it. I know that never will this ever be never meant.
Track Name: Lactose Blues (When You Leave)
Both our hands connect in tandem; the listless interim pries apart our grip. All our ties - in tension - lie with watery contact; dreaming tethered to steadfast feeling. Tides will break, but regenerate, every lilting wash nears the brink of us. Rain falls sideways into our faces, but not one drop will matter; our love, no splash could shatter. As the sky surrounds the earth, with its omnipresent reach; there is no place that you could go that I could not breach. Bend your life, don't rest in mine. Break our ties. Undress. Unwind. Every time you go, I cry. Fuck that life. Retract. Unite.
Track Name: Smug Himalayas, Quieten Down!
They speak too loud, mountains shout. So quieten down, so smug with your summit-self. But nothing sings or sweetness-brings (lips of lace, air -displacing) like you do. A whisper met my choke-gripped neck, you said "our love's a photo." A photo (of an embryo); no lips to talk, but clearly formed. Rest at home in a womb adobe.